Camping Regulation


  1. Upon arrival, Guests must give a valid form of ID to the staff at reception in order to be registered in compliance with legal provisions. Failure to comply constitutes violation of the Italian Penal Code. Minors unaccompanied by a parent or a guardian cannot stay at the Campsite.
  2. Upon checking-in, Guests will be given a copy of the pricelist, this regulation and an “Access Card” to exhibit to staff when requested and to hand back upon departure. Guests must check that the information furnished during check-in is correct and inform staff of any discrepancies or notify them in advance of any variations (e.g. arrival and departures of people, change of pitches, etc.).
  3. Visitors are not permitted unless authorised by the Management and must register at reception. Upon furnishing valid ID, authorised visitors are given a one hour free Entry Pass. If the visitor intends to stay longer or use the Campsite facilities, they will be required to pay the daily rate. Permits are not granted before 8 am and after 9 pm. Guests at the Campsite are expected to inform their visitors of the internal regulation of the Campsite and ensure it is observed.
  4. If caught by the Management with unregistered visitors, Guests will be asked to leave the Campsite and may be reported for violation of the Public Safety Regulation and Articles 614, 624, 633 and 637 of the Italian Penal Code.
  5. Minimum stay: see pricelist.
  6. Duration of stay is calculated on the number of nights spent at the Campsite. The Campsite must be vacated before 12 pm (noon); accommodation facilities must be vacated by 10 am. Failure to comply will result in the cost of an extra night.
  7. The Management welcomes dogs. Pets must be checked-in by the Guest at reception. Guests must furnish the animal’s vaccination certificate and insurance. Owners must take care of their dogs’ hygiene and keep them on a leash at all times as set forth by animal health requirements. Dogs are not allowed in the accommodation facilities (bungalows/maxi-caravans) and they are only allowed on their designated pitch on the Campsite. In accordance with the Health Authority, they are forbidden from accessing public facilities. Dogs must be taken to the designated area or outside the Campsite to relieve themselves and can only be washed in the designated space reserved for pets. Irrespective of size, the Management does not accept dogs deemed dangerous by the Health Authority. For further information about this, please ask the staff. The Management declines all responsibility in the event of damage to persons or objects caused by pets.
  8. The pitch is allocated by the Management. Guests must arrange their equipment neatly within the limits of the pitch they have been assigned. Guests must refrain from digging holes and putting up washing lines.
  9. Any behaviour, activity, game or use of equipment which may disturb other Guests is to be avoided at all times. Silence must be respected particularly between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am and between 1.30 pm and 3.30 pm. This rule is also valid in the areas near the Campsite.
  10. Children must be escorted by an adult to the toilet, the games area and the pool. Adults are liable for the behaviour of minors in their care.
  11. Swimming pool: the Management has put together a regulation for access and use of the pool which is displayed at the pool entrance. We invite all our Guests to respect this regulation to the letter and observe all provisions given by Campsite staff and pool attendants.
  12. Vehicles may be used only to access/exit the Campsite at a low speed (5 Km/h) in conformity with the signs. Vehicles cannot circulate from 11.00 pm. to 07.00 am. Motorbikes must be pushed (the engine must be switched off).
  13. Lighting open fires is not permitted. Use of the grill is permitted in the designated area.
  14. The Management takes no responsibility for lost or stolen objects or goods, or damage to persons or objects which are not due to direct negligence on behalf of Campsite staff.
  15. The Management reserves the right to remove anyone from the Campsite who, at their sole discretion, is damaging or disturbing communal life.
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