Energy Savings on Vacation

A camping and village holiday should be synonymous with nature and respect for the environment that hosts us.

For this reason, in order to promote environmental sustainability and energy savings, at Camping Village Miramare in Cavallino Treporti, we have equipped our accommodations (bungalows and maxi-caravans) with an air conditioning/heating system that can only be activated using a preloaded CLIMACARD.

Upon check-in, you will be provided with a preloaded CLIMACARD (with a deposit of 20.00 euros) containing the usage time for the air conditioner available for your stay.

The card is preloaded with 10 hours of usage per day for each day of your stay, and the total overall hours can be used freely throughout the entire vacation (e.g., a 7-night stay: 7x10 = 70 total hours of air conditioner usage).

The card should be inserted into the reader located on the thermostat, and only when the air conditioner is in operation, the card progressively discharges the loaded time, counting minutes until it is depleted.

Once depleted, the card can be recharged at the reception (5.00 euros for 10 hours of usage).

Remember to use the air conditioner only when necessary (preferably only when you are inside the accommodation), closing doors and windows.

Help us respect and value the environment and reduce energy consumption.

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