Discover the Islands of the Venice Lagoon

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Boat excursions to explore the fascinating islands of the Venice Lagoon


Not only Venice, but also Burano, Murano, Torcello, and other smaller islands characterize the lagoon, and a vacation in this area must include a boat excursion to discover these jewels that make the landscape unique and enchanting.

The excursion traverses the area of the Venetian lagoon called "Laguna Nord," characterized by the presence of mudflats and islets separated by canals and shallows. Flora and fauna reign supreme in these places, where tranquility is disturbed only by small typical lagoon boats (sandoli, mascarete, and the more modern cacciapesca), the only ones capable of navigating the shallow depths of the shallows.

The first island encountered along the route is the island of Burano. A fishing island with a strong idiomatic identity, its most evident feature is the chromatic variety of the houses. It is famous worldwide, especially for its lace artifacts, proudly displayed at the "lace museum" near the square dedicated to the famous musician Baldassare Galuppi.
Excellent restaurants make the visit to the island of Burano very pleasant.

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Opposite Burano is the island of Torcello, the first settlement of future Venice.
During its peak, it reached 10,000 inhabitants, while today the residents have been reduced to a few units.
The "historic center" is characterized by the Basilica of S. Maria Assunta, dating back to the year 639 and containing priceless Byzantine mosaics, the adjacent church of Santa Fosca, and the Estuary Museum, rich in archaeological artifacts from the Venetian Lagoon. Ancient legends are the source for the names of two particular monuments: the "Devil's Bridge" and the "Throne of Attila."

Continuing the itinerary, you arrive at Murano, the most famous of the three islands. The world capital of artistic glass, Murano is teeming with still-active glassworks, which today still work it with methods invented centuries ago by the first master glassmakers.
The Glass Art Museum collects pieces of great artistic value and exquisite craftsmanship. Also worth a visit is the Church of Saints Maria and Donato, one of the oldest in the Venetian lagoon, an excellent example of Romanesque-Byzantine style, and which still preserves the intact marble and glass mosaic floor.

In addition to these three enchanting islands, the Venetian lagoon is composed of many others, always reachable by public boats from the Punta Sabbioni and Treporti terminals: Lido di Venezia, famous for the renowned "Film Festival"; Sant'Erasmo, the Artichoke Island; Chioggia and Sottomarina, renowned for their fishing boats, and many other smaller islands.


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